Our Truck

"Betsy Blue" 1956 Ford Panel Truck 
A Class Act on Wheels! 
This truck was custom built by the Tap Truck Team

Let's dive into the rich history of Betsy Blue. Back in the 1950s, she was on a mission, delivering glass milk jugs right to people's doorsteps. Picture the nostalgia of those times – a classic truck bringing daily essentials with a touch of charm.

Fast forward to today, and our Ford Panel Truck has transformed into a mobile bar, but her legacy of putting smiles on faces continues. As one of the 14,000 vehicles Ford produced, she's not just any truck; she's a rare gem. The restoration process was a meticulous journey, bringing her back to life with the original color tones that she left the factory with.

Now, every time Tap Truck Monterey rolls up, she carries not just beverages but a piece of history, blending the authenticity of the past with the excitement of present-day celebrations. It's not just a mobile bar; it's a time-traveling experience. Get ready for a journey through the decades with Betsy Blue!