Our Story

Who is Tap Truck Monterey?
Becoming the mobile bar boss in the fall of 2023, Alexia took the leap of fun to start a bigger part in the Monterey & San Benito County's. Not only managing operations while working closely with clients, she the connect to create an experience that everyone can turn into a memory.
Life of the party. Not only is Rick the front runner for our marketing team, but enhances entertainment at each specialized event. From creating the song list for the event, to performing on point vocal impersonations (Elvis, Neil Diamond, & etc.). He will tap in and turn up.
Tap trucks Bar manager. Aris handles all inventory that the tap team utilizes and is the magic behind the scenes. Any touch ups the truck needs from taps and kegs to nuts and bolts, he's the man. In addition, a culinary graduate to enhance your cocktail with a delicious dish.
Right hand man, investing his time into the behind the scenes, by being on point with the preparation and cleaning of our Betsy Blue before events. Two brains are better than one!
Marketing "guru" and media manager. By utilizes his experience in photography and videography he has vital part to the company's branding, not only showing what we do but who we are. Fine tuning each digital interaction between the Tap Team and the client. When there isn't a camera in his hand, he'll on the front lines marketing Tap Truck Monterey or behind the bar serving your drink of choice. 
The cherry on top. As well a culinary graduate, Emily amplifies the the edible joys at specific events. Being one of the main bartenders she serves a roll of customer service and gluing our team together. As a jack of all trades, she is asset to our media team by bringing in a different perspective to each video.